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About The Founder 
Qalaza-online Store was founded by Zamani Cyril Shezi from South Africa, in Durban during his limited time as a professional Trucker, moving back he also has a history of selling toilet papers in his township driven by passion to buy and sell viable products to make a living. From his idea of converting his hustling skills into a Scalable Business he then successfully signed up for a par-time course at Insaka e-commerce Academy under Warrick Kerns Mentorship. Today the good results is what you will enjoy a convenient shopping.
About The Store
Our purpose is to provide you with products that will meet your demands and a convenient shopping on a user friendly platform, where as our goal is to profit, grow the business and create more job opportunities in future not forgetting 
our function to make shopping very easy anytime and anywhere so that there will be no need for you to walk, catch a taxi or drive to shopping centers to stand on long queues shopping  for such items BUT with just few clicks from your Smart Phone or PC Device you will enjoy shopping at Qalaza-Online Store and within 1 to less than 5 working days your order will be delivered "Knock!, Knock!, Knock!"  right to your door step. Hassle free returns and refunds.


1. Payfast 3D Secure Option

2. Zapper Scan Payment Option

3. PayJustNow (3 Interest Free Installments)

4. Bank Deposit (Instant EFT) Option

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